Engineering drawing table as of 1/29/04

Family drawing tree

Optical Layout: partially showing optic corrector lens 2 and camera mirror
CCD Assembly: CCD mosaic on backplane, kinematic supports, thermal spider, and stage plate
Dewar Contents Assembly: all components within dewar and attached to the dewar lid, CCD assembly, support spider, interconnect boards, & hermetic connectors
Frame & Vacuum Assembly: support collar with vanes holding dewar, coldfinger transfer pipe, LN2 can, ion pump, coldfinger, clamps, and mating block
Card Cage, sub-assembly of Electronics Box: aluminum housing components for analog switch boards
Electronics Box: entire mechanical assembly minus analog switch and video boards
Rear Dewar Lid Assembly: rear dewar lid and hermetic connectors
Lid & Spider Assembly: CCD support spider, dewar lid, interconnect board sub-assembly
Footlocker Mechanical Assembly: mechanical assembly & layout of footlocker excluding the CCD controller and footlocker interface chassis
Footlocker Frame: structural tube frame sub-assembly
Heat Exchanger Assembly: heat exchanger, fans, plenum
CCD & Frame Assembly: all contents contained within the support collar, vacuum system, dewar, CCDs, and all electronics within the dewar and electronics box, attached behind the dewar lid
Optical Mask & Baffle Assembly: procedure showing steps involved for attaching the optical mask and optical baffle onto the CCD assembly and in the dewar prior to attachment of the field flattener
CCD & Electronics Box Assembly: CCD, support structure, and all the electronics attached to both sides of the dewar lid
CCD Upgrade & Mechanical Assembly, Top Assembly: support collar frame, dewar, electronics, and footlocker; showing orientation between footlocker and support collar
Footlocker & Electronics: footlocker assembly including the CCD controller and footlocker interface chassis
Support Spider Assembly: structure supporting the CCD assembly
Splash Guard Assembly: protective shield covering the CCD assembly when exposed or disassembled from dewar
CCD Mosaic Assembly: CCDs and backplane
CCD Top Assembly: CCD, flex circuit, molybdenum base assembly
CCD Sub-Assembly: CCD device with flex circuit
CCD Mosaic numbering and orientation