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CCD Lab Computers

Summary of CCD lab computers

SiliconRm 150Bbackups and net bridgeLinux 2.4.2-2 This machine has two network interfaces and is the bridge between the 17 net and the 22 net. Without this computer the 17 net is cut off from the outside world. eth0 is and eth1 is (silicon-g).
pixelRm 150CCCD testingLinux FC11 This is the primary CCD testing computer.
qeRm 150DQE measurmentsLinux FC6 2.6.20 Contains all of the source code and executables for doing QE measurements.
explorerRm 160Flatness measurmentsLinux FC12 Runs the CCD flatness measuring system.
imagerRm 150BBackups? (obsolete?)
ccdgateRm 150BPrint server?