The CCD is cooled to help reduce thermally generated electrons in the detector. A 4-stage Marlow Ind. thermo-electric (TE) cooling device is built into the camera head. The heat drawn from the CCD and the heat produced by the TE cooler is dissipated into the telescope structure in the UCO/Lick standard design. It is anticipated that this camera may be used in one or more instruments for the Keck II telescope, and there heat from the TE cooler will be removed using the Observatory's glycol cooling system. The CCD and cooler are mounted in an evacuated chamber at the front of the camera. Tests have put the device temperature at -37C.

These cameras are set up for frame transfer operation and use half of a 690 x 400 high-resistivity LBNL CCD, with 24 micron pixels. The detector mounting package is shown at right. Camera electronics however can accommodate just about any CCD. If appropriate, a second signal processing board can be added, and the CCD can be read out through two channels simultaneously. Waveforms and clocking parameters specific to a CCD must be downloaded to the camera as discussed in Camera Level Parameters above.

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