Multi-Object Spectrograph

This instrument uses a robotic positioner and multiple fiber optics to take spectra of many objects at one time. The positioner is mounted at Prime focus of the 120" Shane reflector at Lick Observatory. A corrector and atmospheric dispersion corrections system provides a flat one degree diameter field of view. The positioner places fiber optics accurately at the locations of the desired objects. Currently 60 fibers are available with 40 more planned in the near future. The principal investigator on this project is Jean Brodie, who is an Associate Professor/Astronomer at UCO/Lick Observatory.

The "Official" MOS web site is available from Mount Hamilton. You can see some pictures and more details at the Columbia Astrophysics Lab site which is maintained by Bill Craig. There is also an "Unofficial" Lick/LLNL MOS page maintained by Steve Allen.

Images of the MOS system

Some shots as the MOS top-end is lifted into the dome.
A walkaround of the top end ring of the operational system.
The CHFT spectrograph is fiber fed from the topend

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