Design Review 6 August 2002




1.                  Preliminaries

a.                  Remote site connection; note attendees

b.                  Secretary/note taker?

c.                  Modifications/corrections to agenda

d.                  Establish lunch and other breaks

2.                  Optics

3.                  Mechanical

a.                  Dewar

                                                                             i.               CCD & backplane

                                                                           ii.               Support Spider

                                                                         iii.               Housing

                                                                          iv.               Rear Lid & feedthrus

                                                                            v.               PCBs

                                                                          vi.               Cold finger attachment

b.                  Support Frame

c.                  Ion Pump

d.                  Fixturing

4.                  Electronics

a.                  PCB layout(s)

b.                  Feedthrus & connectors

c.                  Dewar electronics

d.                  CCD controller

e.                  Electronics box

f.                    VME Crate

g.                  Power supplies

5.                  Software

6.                  Other