The ESI Project Jacket is being renovated!

new ESI jacket logo

ESI project jacket - The ESI project jacket will be back soon with a new logo as seen above. Cost will be $30 for the first jacket and between $45 and $50 for a second, third, etc. More information on pricing and delivery dates will be available soon.

General information - Navy blue "Orca" jacket from West Marine "Nautical Gear" with silver embroidered ESI logo is modeled by former UCO/Lick Technical Facility employee, Leah Cooper. The new logo will have "W. M. Keck Observatory" on top of the ESI logo as you see it above. Sizes are small to XX-large. Continue to be the envy of all the spectrograph makers on your block!

Leah wearing the ESI project jacket Leah wearing the ESI project jacket
General ESI information