ESI Mechanical and Electronic Documentation

  Triple Wheel Assembly (Slit Mask, Aperture Mask, Dewar Filters) Cable Takeup Assembly Collimator Actuator Assembly Collimator Actuator Assembly Calibration Light Sources PXL TV Guider System (Camera, Filters, Focus) Pre-Dispersion Prism Post-Dispersion Prism Assembly Science Camera TV Guider Folding Flat
CCD Dewar Assembly Entrance Hatch Assembly Collimating Mirror Grating Low Dispersion Flat Mirror Electronics Enclosure Instrument Enclosure Hatch

 Triple Wheels Collimator Pre-Dispersion Prism  |   Grating  |  Post-Dispersion Prism  |  Camera and Shutter  |  CCD Dewar  | Imaging Mirror  | Low-Dispersion MirrorTV Guider  |  Calibration Source  |  Enclosure Hatch 
Electronics Boxes  |  Cable Take-up
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Additional Documents:

  1. Mechanical Description
  2. Functional Specifications (in Excel format)
  3. Electronics Manual
  4. OSS Assembly Procedure
  5. Alignment Procedure
  6. Maintenance Schedule (matrix of task vs time)
  7. Drawing Database
  8. Mass Balance
  9. Related Papers
  10. Optics Cleaning Procedure
  11. Possible upgrades