Lick Observatory
Telescope Maintenance
Operations Manual







Volume Two

120" Telescope, Continued.

120" Coude Secondary Mirror
Coude Support Frame Adjustment
Coude Camera Removal
Coude Secondary Coating Preparation
Coude Secondary Surface Report
Coude Secondary Coating Process

Mirror Removal:

Coude Secondary Removal
Third Mirror Removal
Fifth Mirror Removal

Optical Focus Drawings

APF Telescope
IceStorm 2 Mechanical Maintenance Manual

Crossley Telescope
Mirror Removal
Mirror Washing
Crossley Primary Mirror photographs

24" Telescope
Mirror Removal

40" Telescope
Mirror Removal using Crane
Mirror Removal using Forklift (Revised)
Mirror Fixture Drawings:
Mirror Box
Mirror Box Insert
Mirror Platform
Primary Installation
Optical Layout Reference
Optical Triangle
Optical Focus
CASS shielding with spectrograph

36" Telescope
Dome shutter seal slideshow
Floor Hydraulic Fluid replacement: Materials Procedure
Lens Removal Procedure Slideshow
Observation Ladder reassembly
Floor Rack Repair

CAT Telescope
Mirror Limits drawing

KAIT Telescope
Primary Mirror Problem



Volume 1

Volume 3