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Our present goal is to deliver and commission the instrument in February of 2002. On this schedule, DEIMOS would be available to general observers in June 2002.

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General DEIMOS info

The DEIMOS instrument, designed for the 10 meter Keck-II telescope located atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii, is pivotal to the DEEP project (a survey of very faint galaxies). The Principal Investigator for DEIMOS is Sandra Faber. For more general information on the DEEP project and how it relates to DEIMOS and Keck Observatory, please download the brochure as a PDF file (the images do make this file large, but it's well worth it).

DEIMOS is a general purpose, faint object, multi-slit, double-beam spectrograph. It utilizes slitmasks to allow the spectra from many objects (approx 80 per barrel!) to be imaged onto a mosaic CCD array. Some of the key features are wide spectral coverage (up to 5000 per exposure), high spectral resolution (down to ~1 ), high throughput, and long slit length on the sky (32'.6, sum of both barrels). DEIMOS operates in three modes: direct imaging, single-object spectroscopy, and multi-object, long-slit spectroscopy. DEIMOS will share the Nasmyth platform with the UCLA IR instrument NIRSPEC. Mask fabrication is a joint project of Drew Phillips, De Clarke and Steve Allen. Data reduction is Drew Phillips' responsibility. De Clarke is working on the GUI. There is a DEIMOS Software page which is maintained by Steve Allen of the UCO/Lick software group. He is currently working with a R.A.I.D. of Quantum disks to store the tremendous amount of data generated by the array of CCDs.

DEIMOS was partially supported by National Science Foundation Facilities and Instrumentation Grant ARI 92-14621. The work of the DEEP Survey is supported by NSF grants AST 95-29098 (UCSC), AST 00-71198 (UCSC), and AST 00-71199 (UCB).

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