Last updated: 12-6-01

Project: DEIMOS
Stage: Guide TV shutter
ID #: KDTV-003A
Engineer: D. Cowley

Mechanical Description of Stage:


Electronic Description of Stage:

Controller is integral with PXL TV control box.  #4IES214 as of September 1999.  Coil resistance is 8.5 ohms.  24 volts to open and 3 volts to hold.  We add a reed switch and small magnet on one of the internal blades for sensing open/closed.  This is undocumented.  The factory limit switch for this function has a spring which is so strong it prevents the shutter from opening on cold nights.  Old part number: #04IES004 - turns out to be 12 volt shutter.

Required setting accuracy :

Performance requirements and design goals
Component Requirements 1
Shutter: Melles-Griot (Ilex) #4IES214 (6 volt) Time to open: ______ms.
  1. Speed, temperature, accuracies, electrical power, pressurized air, lubricant, coolant, N2 purge, ...

Final Mechanical Assembly and Testing Results

Tests performed by:


Mechanical Drawing(s) #D8202

Electronic Drawing(s) #EL-1183