Last updated: 12-17-01

Project: DEIMOS
Stage: Slit Mask Insertion
ID #: KDSM-002A
Engineer: V. Wallace

Mechanical Description of Stage:


Electronic Description of Stage:


Required setting accuracy:

Performance requirements and design goals  
Component Requirements *
Motor: None  
Gearbox: None  
Limits **: Hard stops w/ decelerators, retract end. Magnetic reed switches each end  
Fiducials: None  
Encoders: Microswitch DT 2RV22-A7 for detecting mask insertion  
Air Cylinders: Bimba UGS-1231-T
 Insert = 40 psi / Extract = 45psi
Air Solenoids: Skinner latching solenoid  
Lock/Clamp/Brake: None  
Interlocks: See interlock schedule  
* Speed, temperature, accuracies, electrical power, pressurized air, lubricant, coolant, N2 purge, ...
** Primary (soft) and secondary (hard) limits. These can be magnetic, optical, or physical contact


Final Mechanical Assembly and Testing Results

Tests performed by:


Motion Parameters

Linear Stage (constrained)          
Distance from "home" * Position Primary Encoder Counts  Aux Encoder Counts  Physical Units Time to Reach
Primary (soft) Limits:  Forward        
Secondary (hard) Limits:  Forward        
Position # Inserted        
*"Coarse" if from optical interupter, "Fine" if from an encoder index pulse. Home is defined at index pulse on Aux. encoder if so equiped, otherwise at optical fiducial.

Resolution of Stage    
Encoder Counts/Inch Counts/Millimeter Counts/Degree


Mechanical Drawing #D1100

Electronic Drawing(s) #

Sign conventions are such that a positive motion of the motor turns the motor in a CW direction as viewed from the drive shaft looking back into the motor, and will drive the stage towards the forward limit.