12-Inch Telescope Restoration: Summary of Research and Final Recommendations


Historical News Items, September-Novermber, 1881

Chabot Field Notes

Chabot Photographs: 8" Alvan Clark telescope, "Leah"


Santa Clara University Field Notes

Santa Clara University Photographs: 16" Alvan Clark telescope, "Swift"

Chamberlin Observatory Alvan Clark repair document


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Periodicals and Publications
"It's a Duesy," Mike Boessen (Sky and Telescope, March 2011)
"The Great Telescope Race," Trudy E. Bell (Sky and Telescope, June 2011)
"Alvan Clark (1804-1887), George Basset Clark (1827-1891) and Alvan Graham Clark (1823-1897): American Makers of Telescope Optics," Pedro Re, 2008 (reprinted with permission)

Web Sites
The Antique Telescope Society
"An Historic 8-1/4" Alvan Clark Returns to Its Former Glory," Allen Hall
"Telescope and Instrument Restoration Methods and Techniques," Jon Slaton
"Golden Era of Refractors," Center for History of Physics/American Institute of Physics