ESI Pre-Ship Review

Open Items (As of 5/18/99)


Fabrication needing to be done

  1. Completion of spectrograph alignment (Andy Sheinis)
  2. Blacken and seal light leaks (Jim W, Matt)
  3. Baffles (coll,BSW,grating)(Jim W)
  4. Light seal CCD shutter (Jeff, Matt)
  5. Attach slit structure to main frame (Jeff)
  6. Echellette slit masks (Matt, Jeff)
  7. Low dispersion slit masks (Matt, Jeff
  8. Aperture stop for echellette masks (Matt) Slit Mask frames (Matt, Jeff L)
  9. Balance instrument (Matt)
  10. Add second neon and argon power supplies. (Barry)
  11. Rework AC elec. box (Barry)
  12. Modifications drawings for interferences with front and back cladding
  13. Modifications to grating cell (Jeff)
  14. Completion of documentation


Required Testing

  1. Completion of software testing of electro/mech systems (Jim B, Dean T, De C)
  2. Testing of alarm conditions (De C, Jim B)
  3. Burn-in test of full up system including intensive imaging (Bob K, De C)
  4. Complete Y2K compliance testing(CARA, Steve Allen)


Known problems

  1. Dewar condensation problem (Richard S)
  2. Imaging mirror miss location at one particular rotation angle (Jim B, Jeff, Andy)
  3. 0.009" back focus difference (Andy)
  4. Leaking cell in camera (Andy, Jeff)
  5. Cu calibration source (Andy)
  6. Temperature sensors do not read below 0C