ESI Pre-Ship Review
Instrument Requirements

Echellette mode

10 orders on 2x4K chip

Spectral range 0.39 to 1.09 microns

R=26,000/15 micron pixel

50% throughput

Low Dispersion Mode

Spectral range 0.39 to 1.09 microns

R~6000/ 15 micron pixel @3900A, R~4000/15 micron pixel @11000A

70% throughput

(Up to 50 slitlets)

Imaging Mode

Image quality of 1.2 pixels FWHM over full field 2x8 minutes of arc

75% throughput

Image Stability

2 pixel in 2 hours integration

Fits within the Cass instrument envelope

Fits in the Cass rotator module

Weighs 2 metric tons or less

Balances on the axis of the Cass rotator bearing

Connects directly to the Cass interface panels

Power consumption of less than 1500 W