ESI Pre-Ship Review

ESI Acceptance Tests (planned/completed)

Flexure tests
Main structure completed
OSS completed
Collimator completed
Prisms completed
Mirror systems completed
Grating completed
Camera completed
Dewar completed

Move and repeat tests
Collimator 1 completed
Collimator 2  completed
Collimator 3 completed
Imaging Flat completed
LD flat completed
Post dispersion prism completed
Slit mask wheel completed
Filter Wheel completed
Utility wheel completed
TV camera focus completed
TV camera filter wheel completed
Hatch completed
Camera shutter completed

Optical system tests
Optical tests of all optics completed
Camera performance and alignment completed

Calibration system tests
Neon completed
Argon completed
Cu ongoing
Quartz completed

Detector/dewar tests
QE completed
CTE completed
Detector temperature completed
Hold time completed

TV system tests
Focus ongoing
Flexure ongoing
Filter Wheel completed

Electronics boxes
Cooling completed

Instrument control software tests
Keyword functionality completed
User interface ongoing
Burn in ongoing

Data taking system tests
User interface completed
Fig Disp completed
Image statistics completed
Disk storage completed