Design and Test Sub-Systems

Structure (STRC)

Slit Mask System (SMS)

Slit Mask Fabrication and Archiving (SMFAB)

Collimator and Cell (COLL)

Tent Mirror and Cell (TMR) (piezoelectric)

Gratings and Grating System (GRT)

Camera and Camera Mount (CAM)

Filters and Filter Wheel (FW)

Shutter (SHTR)

Dewar System (DWR)

Detector Mosaic (MOSC)

Signal Chain (Science Array) (SGCHN)

Other Electronic Subsystems (ELSYS)

Flexure Compensation System (FC)

TV Guider (TVGD)

Calibration System (CAL)

Platform Barcode Reader (BRCD)

Computing Hardware (CMP)

Software (SFWR)

Thermal Control and Monitoring (THRM)

From meeting on 2/28/00

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